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So you have decided that you want to give CBD oil a try or you are looking to change suppliers. With so many CBD suppliers flooding the market that all claim to tick the boxes – it’s a tough decision to make. Its an understandably tough decision to make.

Our team at At PureSport CBD can relate. Some of us are athletes and professionals who get schedule to undergo drug tests at random intervals. Others simply struggle with common health issues such as anxiety, difficulty sleeping or participate in CrossFit and regularly suffer muscle aches & pains.

Before PureSport CBD was even a figment of our imagination, we were also looking for a CBD product that met our needs. When we couldn’t find a product that ticked our boxes, we created our own . As PureSport CBD forms part of a massive CBD market, we can help you to make the right decision in choosing a CBD supplier that meets your needs:

Is the product priced fairly?

You will see a clear range of prices on different products. Some of them may seem quite affordable, others seem exorbitantly expensive and then you may find products that fit in between. Here are some of the questions you should be asking:

If the products are very affordable, why are they? Are the products harvested and extracted locally? If so, do they have certified accreditation and third party testing? If not, then you may have the answer.

If the product seems expensive, delve a little deeper and try to figure out why. Some products are produced abroad (such as ours) and will naturally be more expensive. Some products undergo extensive testing (such as ours) and will be more expensive to produce from plant to bottle. 

How does the product compare to similar options? 

Are there similar options available? The answer to this question will always be yes. Now you have to ask yourself, is the next product really similar or are there small and subtle differences? More specifically, are these differences going to have an impact on your CBD experience? Is the company transparent about where their CBD comes from and the type CBD they provide i.e Broad Spectrum vs CBD Isolate. A CBD Isolate product may be cheaper or even more expensive, depending on the specific CBD Isolate. CBD that is sourced from a sub-par lab will be cheaper but will give you sub-par results.

What is the actual price you will end up paying?

In our previous article we raised the importance of understanding concentration (or dilution) of your CBD oil. Don’t be blinded by the milligrams you see on the label. 2000mg CBD in a 30ml container will give you a lower concentration of CBD when compared to 1000mg CBD in a 10ml container.  You will end up using more drops of CBD to get the same concentration (and the desired effect) and the 30ml might not last as long as you had hoped. 

Shipping fees are always a reality and very few businesses can get around providing free shipping. We are strong believers that shipping charges should not be the deciding factor when choosing a CBD oil. If you are willing to buy any product online, then you should be willing to pay shipping charges. There is away around this though! Be on the lookout for local delivery options, bundle deals or specific discounts that may offset the charge of shipping. 

Lastly, import tax is a reality. If you purchase a foreign based CBD oil your package may be held up by customs and you will have to pay the import tax before it will be released.

Does the CBD supplier have a reputation?

As mentioned, there are many CBD companies entering the South African market. It will be very important to gauge how long this company has been on the market. Did they start one month ago or a year ago or five years ago? Whilst all CBD suppliers have to start somewhere, it may have added benefit to buy from a supplier who has been around for longer. It would also help to ask where they get their CBD from as a reputable farm & laboratory undeniably is more likely to produce a quality oil.

Is the higher price justified?

Now this is the real question and the one that will have the final impact on your decision.

We can answer this question with more questions: Do they have premium ingredients? Do they have a special feature? Do they have a good reputation? After reading this article you would probably be able to answer these questions yourself, but let’s sum it up for you:

PureSport CBD provides premium quality broad spectrum CBD. The CBD is sourced via ethical and organic methods from reputable farms in the USA. Our product undergoes ethanol extraction to ensure that there is no THC in our product. Our product undergoes quality testing on-site as well as by a third party laboratory to ensure your peace of mind. PureSport CBD started in 2018, initially envisioned for professional athletes, but has since grown a large customer base that includes people from all walks of life.

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