Welcome to the Pure Sport CBD Community – Meagan Claasen!

Meagan is the newest member of the Pure Sport CBD Community and wow, are we happy to be affiliated with someone like her!

Meagan is the proud owner of the health-, fitness-, and mental wellness brand, the MeaganMethod. Meagan started StatureCPT in June 2017, a personal- and group training center that also provides life coaching in the heart of Cape Town CBD. At StatureCPT Meagan has partnered with two personal trainers to give the people of Cape Town the ultimate package.

Meagan studied at Rhodes University in gorgeous Grahamstown. She received an honours degree in Sports Science and Ergonomics followed by an honours degree in Clinical Psychology. At the same time Meagan refused to rest on her laurels and completed training in spinning, advanced spinning, pilates and group fitness diplomas.

Meagan has always put tremendous emphasis on physical- and mental health while focusing on wellness and fitness. Meagan makes uses of a holistic method whereby people do introspection, identify internal struggles and ultimately change their daily routine and fitness rituals. By taking this approach Meagan has managed to empower people to add value to their own lives through transformation and change.

So what’s next for Meagan?

With Covid-19 and the lockdown they have moved to online classes and training. Meagan is also currently finalising the first of her two books. These will be available as a hard cover or an eBook. The first will be The MeaganMethod Transformation Guide – an eight week fitness, health and mental awareness guide and self help book. With the second book Meagan will be taking 20 traditional Afrikaans recipes and will be offering approaches to ensure a healthier, but equally tasty take on the same delicious recipes.

Be sure to follow Meagan on Instagram under @themeaganmethod and @staturecpt and see why she earned the right to brag as one of Womens Health Top 5 Next Fitness Stars in 2019!

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