Louis Schreuder is a professional rugby player currently plying his trade in Durban, South Africa. Louis is currently contracted to the Sharks Rugby Union, but he is enjoying a loan contract at Toulon as part of an agreement for the Rugby World Cup.

Louis has played rugby in South Africa, Japan and the UK and has been fortunate enough to travel the globe whilst doing what he loves.

As the ultimate professional, Louis puts in a lot of effort to ensure that his body and mind are in top form – on and off the field. Louis was one of the first South African athletes to inquire about PureSport CBD after he heard that his UK counterparts were raving about the benefits of CBD oil.

Louis has been using PureSport CBD since August 2019 and is pleased with the results. 

“PureSport CBD has formed part of my daily routine. I recently had an injury which would have proved costly for the season. While using the CBD oil I had managed to return to play earlier than expected. It may be due to the hard work from the medical- and physiotherapy team, but I cannot exclude the thought that PureSport CBD had played a role.”

In Toulon Louis joined forces with Liam Messam, another professional rugby player who makes use of PureSport CBD. Both of them are regular starters for Toulon and are seen by many as the ultimate Club Rugby Men.

Louis Schreuder and his fellow PureSport CBD Community Member, Liam Messam

“When I left for France I made sure that my CBD oil was packed in. It really helped with getting some sleep on the airplane!”

PureSport CBD is happy to welcome Louis to the PureSport CBD Community!

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