Francisco Tavares

Performance Coordinator at Sporting Lisbon Football Club

“I have deeply explored scientific literature in recovery from training while I was completing my PhD in Sports Sciences. Recovery in sport requires a multifactorial approach. It has been established that sleep plays a significant role in an athlete’s recovery and also promotes adaptations from training.
There is a growing body of research exploring the effects of CBD on sleep demonstrating controversial yet promising results.

Personally, I have been using PureSport CBD with great success.
– Francisco Tavares


Dr Francisco Tavares is an established strength and conditioning coach who is currently playing his trade with the Sporting Lisbon Football Club. Dr Tavares obtained his PHD a Waikato University. Dr Tavares is a well published author and has a particular interest in optimizing recovery in athletes

Career Highlights

  • PhD in Sports Sciences, Waikato University
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach: Sporting Lisbon Football Club
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach: Portugal Rugby Federation
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach: Chiefs Rugby
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach: Cascais Rugby Linha
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach: Leinster Rugby
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach: Glasgow Rugby

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