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PureSport CBD came to fruition when two good friends, both professional athletes, experienced the benefits of CBD.

Both are based in the United Kingdom and stumbled across the news of a revolutionary new health supplement that had taken professional sport in the United States by storm.

After years of playing a high contact physical game the two were struggling to cope with the strain it was taking on their bodies. They had constant aches and pains from old injuries and the heavy contact nature of their profession was beginning to take a toll on their mental- and physical wellbeing. Both were having to use painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication on a daily basis and were starting to feel the adverse effects on their health and their mental wellbeing.

They heard that NFL players and MMA fighters were speaking openly about the use of CBD(Cannabidiol) oil and were advocating the impressive health benefits thereof. The two friends were blown away that there was a treatment modality with profound positive benefits for the exact same troubles that they, and many other athletes, were facing every day.

As soon as CBD was taken off WADA’s list of prohibited substances, the two friends tried a few drops of CBD oil and were amazed by the quick and positive beneficial effects.

With a little more research they saw that there were some risks involved with buying CBD over the counter. Many brands still had small traces of THC(tetrahydrocannabinol), another compound found in the cannabis plant, which is on WADA’s list of prohibited substances. If they would use a product that had unconfirmed traces of THC, they would run the risk of testing positive on a drug test and risk derailing their careers.

The two were adamant on the continued use of CBD and undertook a worldwide search for a CBD provider that could provide proof that their oil contained no THC. They could not find a CBD product that met their requirement and decided to take matters further.

The two friends approach some of the best CBD producers with the bid to create a premium CBD blend that was suitable, but most importantly safe, for athletes to use.

PureSport CBD was created by athletes for athletes. A rigid testing protocol ensures that each batch of product is triple batch tested by separate third party companies.

Peace of mind is ensured for every athlete as we offer a guarantee that our product contains 0% THC.

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