All PureSport CBD products contain 0% THC and each batch is tested by the Banned Substances Control Group to ensure your peace of mind when using PureSport CBD.

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PureSport CBD has become a big part of my daily recovery. Since using PureSport CBD I have seen a massive improvement in sleep quality and my body recovers faster.

Stevie WardProfessional Rugby Player

Before using PureSport CBD oil, I struggled quite badly with pain, anxiety and inflammation. Since using PureSport CBD oil on a daily basis, I’ve seen noticeable changes in my body. I love the fact that they batch test their oil, so I know that it is pure and high quality every time.

Chelsea HartProfessional Model

PureSport CBD has significantly improved my sleep quality. I’m sleeping deeper and feeling fresher when I wake up in the morning.

Rhys WebbProfessional Rugby Player

For anyone taking chronic pain medication, I highly recommend using PureSport CBD as a natural and healthy alternative for pain relief. PureSport CBD oil has improved my sleep which means that my body has been able to recover at a quicker rate and I am ready to smash the next day. A few drops at the end of the day helps me to de-stress and relax.

Liam MessamProfessional Rugby Player

I have been using PureSport CBD for a few weeks now and it is working wonders for my sleep which is vital for recovery from the intense demands of my daily training regimen. I am waking up in way less pain!

Guy LearmonthProfessional Athlete

PureSport CBD has formed part of my daily routine. I recently had an injury which would have proved costly for the season. While using the CBD oil I had managed to return to play earlier than expected. It may be due to the hard work from the medical- and physiotherapy team, but I cannot exclude the thought that PureSport CBD had played a role.

Louis SchreuderProfessional Rugby Player

To Perform at Your Peak You Must Rest & Recover

PureSport CBD has been carefully created to help the health conscious individual to perform at an optimal level – in daily life and the sports arena

Guy Learmonth

Team GB Runner

Colin Slade

Professional Rugby Player

Steph Wall

Creator of The Kali Collection and Yoga Professional

<b>Liam Messam</b><br><h4>Professional Rugby Player</h4>

Liam Messam

Professional Rugby Player

Chelsea Hart

Professional Model

Stevie Ward

Professional Rugby Player

Finn Russell

Professional Rugby Player

Rhys Webb

British & Irish Lions and Wales International

Francisco Tavares

Performance Coordinator at Sporting Lisbon Football Club

Jason Woodward

Professional Rugby Player

Ryan Terry

British Champion, 4 x IFBB Champion, 2 x Arnold Classic Champion

Josh Strauss

Professional Rugby Player

Ben Mosses

Professional Rugby Player

Jon Welsh

Professional Rugby Player


All PureSport CBD products contain 0% THC and each batch is tested by the Banned Substances Control Group to ensure your peace of mind when using PureSport CBD.

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